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You have questions, we have the answers (hopefully). Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from members just like you. If you don't see what you're looking for in the FAQ section below, don't worry! You can always ask us a question directly by emailing our Support Team Here!

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Why can't I log in?

There could be a few different reasons for this. The first is the easiest to explain, so let's start there. Is your membership still active?

Are you entering your username and password exactly how they were sent to you? They are CaSe SeNsItIve! If you continually enter in the wrong username and password, your IP address could get flagged for abuse and become blocked. We understand entering in the wrong username and password can happen accidentally. Don't freak out if you get temporarily block. Just contact our support team, and we will get it back up and running in no time.

The next issue that may block you from accessing the Member's Area is when a username and password has been shared. If a username and password has been shared with anyone, our security systems catch it and flag the account for abuse. Your account will be suspended for a few hours. If you continually attempt to log in while temporarily suspended, your account gets locked for 24 hours. Don't keep trying to log in. If you didn't share your password, contact our support team immediately!

I don't want people to know what sites I join. How will this show up on my billing statement?

We totally understand! Our billing processors also understand. That's why they keep your personal billing statement discreet. Our adult site names will not show up on your monthly billing statement. It will show up differently depending on who bills you: Epoch or CCBill.

Don't worry, we got you covered. You're secret is safe with us.

Who processes your transactions?

We have chosen the two most trusted names in adult entertainment processing: Epoch and CCBill. They've been around for years and offer great customer service if you should need it.

How frequently do new videos get added to the network?

Since we're constantly shooting new content for our 26 sites, you will be getting multiple updates each week. Often times you'll even get multiple updates on the same day. Most updates will contain High Definition Videos, and Picture sets. The videos will play on any computer and just about every mobile device out there.

Come on guys, can you hook me up with a discount?

We don't generally do this, but since you're probably down on your luck... why not? To receive an exclusive discount when joining check this site: Dogfart Network Discount. We are also offering a great BlacksOnBlondes discount. Don't say we've never hooked anyone up!

What formats are the videos in?

All videos are available in streaming and downloadable format.  Windows Media Player (WMP) and h264 .mp4.  They will work on 99.9% of every computer, phone and mobile device out there.

What extra software do I need?

For most computers, you'll already have everything you need. For downloaded videos we suggest Quicktime, Windows Media Player and VLC Player. For our streaming videos you will want the latest Flash player. All of which are free downloads. If you're wanting to watch the .wmv files on your Macintosh computer, we suggest using VLC player. Click here to download the VLC player. It works great on Windows and Macintosh computers!

How do your mobile and tablet sites work?

We have adpoted a practice called Responsive Design. What's this mean? Well, depending on the width of the browser you will see one of three different layouts. The breakdown is like this:

  • Browser width is less than 480px (phones, iPod, Samsung Players etc), you see the mobile version
  • Browser width is between 480px and 980px (iPads, most Android tablets etc), you get the tablet version of the site
  • Browser width is larger than 980px, you get the desktop version
What video files can I access on a mobile device

Since a majority of mobile devices don't support flash (bad for iOS devices) and Adobe is stopping support for mobile flash (Bad for Android devices), we use .mp4 files. They are the most used video files for mobile and tablet devices. We've done extensive testing on as many devices as we can get our hands on to make sure video files are being displayed properly

How do I cancel?

Aw man! You're ready to go already? Well, if there is ANYTHING we can do to keep you happy, simply let us know. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you ask, chances are, we can work something out.

If you still want to cancel, we understand. Click here to confirm your cancellation.